Statistics CSS Syllabus Suggested Readings

S. No.TitleAuthor
1.Principles and Procedures of StatisticsSteel, R and Torrie, J.H.
2.Biostatistical AnalysisZar, J.H.
3.Probability and Statistics for Engineers and ScientistWalpole, R.E., Myers, R.H. and Myers, S.L.
4.Introduction to Statistical Theory, Part-I & IIChaudhry, S.M. and Kamal, S.
5.Introduction to Probability Theory and Statistical Inference, 3rd Edition.Larson, H.J.
6.Design and Analysis of ExperimentsMontgomery, D.C.
7.Fundamentals of Modern Statistical MethodsWilcox, R.
8.Latest Statistical MethodsVaidyanathan, M.
9.Statistical MethodsAggarwal, Y.P.
10.Mathematical StatisticsFreund, John E.
11.Demographic MethodsAndrew Hinde
12.Publications of Federal Board of Statistics and Provincial Board of Statistics, Pakistan.Govt. of Pakistan

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