Public Administration Punjab PMS Syllabus Recommended Books




  1. Denhardt, R., Public Administration, Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 1995.
  2. David H. Rosenbloom, Public Administration – Understanding Management, Politics and Law in the Public Sector, Second Edition, 1989.

  3. Caiden, Gerald. E, Public Administration. 1982.

  4. Cooper et al, (1998) Public Administration for the Twenty-First Century.

  5. Harmon, Michael M. & Mayer. Richard T, Organization Theory for Public Administration, Little Brown and Company 1986.

  6. Nicholas Henry, Public Administration and Public Affairs, Sixth edition

  7. Shafritz, J. and Hyde, A., Classics of Public Administration, Pacific Grove: Brooks – Cole, 1987.

  8. Candler, R. & Plano, J., (1983) Public Administration Dictionary, John Wiely, New York.

  9. Osbourne, D. and Gaebler, I. (1992) Reinventing Government, Reading, MA: Addison Wesly.

  10. Wilson, J. Q., (1989) Bureaucracy, Basic Books, New York.

  11. Braibanti, Ralph (1987) Evolution of Pakistan’s Administration System. (Jameel ur Rehman ed.) Government of Pakistan Public Administration Research Centre.

  12. Khadija Mahbug-ul-Haque (1999) Human Development in South Asia: The Crises of Governance, Oxford University Press, Karachi.

  13. Kennedy, Charles H., (1987) Bureaucracy in Pakistan, Oxford University Press, Bombay, India.

  14. Beckett, Julia & Koenig Heidi O., (2005) Public Administration and Law, M.E. Sharpe, London.

  15. Heady, Ferrel. (2001) Public Administration: A comparative Perspective, 6th ed. Marcel Dekker, New York.

  16. Lane, Jan-Erik (2005) Public Administration and Public Management: The Principle Agent Perspective, Routledge, London.

  17. Hasnat Abdul Hye, (2001) Governance: South Asian Perspective, Oxford University Press, London.

  18. Abdus Samad. (1993) Governance, Economic Policy and Reform in Pakistan: essays in political economy, Vanguard Book, Lahore.

  19. Government and Administration in Pakistan (1987). Jameelur Rehman Khan (Ed.) Pakistan Public Administration Research Centre O & M Division, Cabinet Secretariat.

  20. Sultan Khan. (2006) Public Administration: with special reference to Pakistan. Famous Books, Lahore.

  21. Hoshiar Singh. (1995) Public Administration in India. Sterling Publishers. UK.

  22. Kalyanaraman Srinivasan (1991) Public Administration in Asia, Vol. I, II Ashish Publishing House, New Delhi, India.


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