Public Administration Punjab PMS Paper 1994



Note: Attempt in English Language. All Questions carry equal marks.

  1. The public perception about bureaucracy appears to demand high level of efficiency. Procedural delays cripple this aspect. “Work Simplification” has been designed to introduce quick delivery system and make the bureaucracy serve the users with efficiency and effectiveness. Explain the five point work simplification system and link it with the noble cause of efficient bureaucracy.
  2. Planning Commission of Pakistan ban been in existence since a long time. Critically appreciate the positive and negative roles of this Commission. Suggest dimensions to make its role more effective.

  3. Centralised models of organisations have not proved results of satisfactory levels. Do you agree with this view? Alternately decentralisation without proper monitoring and transparency has been creating more confusion than solving the problems. Present your views with clear cut examples and arguments.

  4. Highlight various components of Personnel Management. Spell out the important aspects and identify one major component which is of critical importance.


  1. “Fiscal Management is generally considered a very important and significant aspect of efficient macro economic framework. Elucidate your viewpoint.
  2. Explain the concept of internal control State, with illustrations, various instruments of internal controls.

  3. Narrate various salient features of Max Weber’s concept of bureaucracy. How can these features be operationalised in Pakistan?

  4. “O&M” approach has been rapidly becoming popular for cutting the red tape and increasing the efficiency. Describe main points of “O&M” approach. Be systematic and list the steps involved in conceptually developing the above approach.


  1. Write out the exact answer by jotting down *yes” or “No in respect of each of the following in your answer book. No justification is needed to be written:

1) Betting up system of interest rates is an integral part of fiscal management. Yes/No
2) There is a difference between internal control and internal audit. Yes/No
3) Participative approach in management is the same as consultative approach. Yes/No
4) Accountability is irrelevant so long as one is doing a good job. Yes/No
5) Inverted pyramid is the crying need for planning an organisation in a Department of a provincial government. Yes/No
6) Provincial budgets must always be prepared on break even concept. Yes/No
7) Executive orders must always be more powerful than the Constitutional powers. Yes/No
8) Termination Simpliciter should be vested with the government for effective control over bureaucracy. Yes/No
9) Moral control should always be the guiding controls and supersede executive controls in decision making. Yes/No
10) No one secured Nobel Prize in Decision making contribution in the world. Yes/No

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