Public Administration CSS Syllabus Suggested Readings

1.Public AdministrationDenhardt, R
2.Public Administration – Understanding Management, Politics and Law in the Public SectorDavid H. Rosenbloom
3.Public AdministrationCaiden, Gerald. E,
4.Public Administration for the Twenty-First CenturyCooper et al,
5.Organization Theory for Public AdministrationHarmon, Michael M. & Mayer. Richard T
6.Public Administration and Public AffairsNicholas Henry,
7.Classics of Public AdministrationShafritz, J. and Hyde,
8.Public Administration DictionaryCandler, R. & Plano, J
9.Reinventing GovernmentOsbourne, D. and Gaebler, I.
10.Bureaucracy, Basic BooksWilson, J. Q.,
11.Evolution of Pakistan’s Administration SystemBraibanti, Ralph
12.Human Development in South Asia: The Crises of GovernanceKhadija Mahbub-ul-Haque
13.Bureaucracy in PakistanKennedy, Charles H.,
14.Public Administration and LawBeckett, Julia & Koenig Heidi O.
15.Public Administration: A Comparative PerspectiveHeady, Ferrel
16.Public Administration and Public Management: The Principle Agent PerspectiveLane, Jan-Erik
17.Governance: South Asian PerspectiveHasnat Abdul Hye
18.Governance, Economic Policy and Reform in PakistanAbdus Samad
19.Government and Administration in PakistanJameelur Rehman Khan
20.Public Administration: with special reference to PakistanSultan Khan
21.Public Administration in IndiaHoshiar Singh
22.Public Administration in Asia Vol. I & IIKalyanaraman Srinivasan
23.Organizational Theory and the Public SectorChristensen, T., Laegreid, P., Roness, P. and Rovik, K

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