Psychology CSS Paper II 2001


Psychology, Paper II

Time Allowed: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 100
Note: Attempt Five questions in all, including question No. 8 which is compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.
1. What are different methods of Developmental Psychology and how do psychologists employ theory and research to answer questions and hypothesis of interest?

  1. Explain major highlights of physical, perceptual and social development after birth of a child.
  2. Compare and contrast Piaget’s theory of cognitive development with information-processing theory.

  3. Discuss reliable and valid psychological tool to measure personality of Pakistani adults and children.

  4. Describe basic milestones of Gestalt therapy and Humanistic-Existential therapy. In your opinion which therapy you would employ for treatment?

  5. Define intelligence and Mental Retardation. Differentiate between IQ and EQ.

  6. Discuss the roll of work incentives on the basis of theories of Reinforcement.

8. Write only the correct answer in your Answer Book. Don’t reproduce the questions.

1) The combination of responses or ideals in novel way is called:
(a) Exploration (b) Creativity (c) Thinking

2) Group intelligence testing is better than individual testing:
(a) True (b) False

3) Birth typically occurs after:
(a) Forty weeks conception (b) Thirty eight weeks conception (c) Four weeks conception (d) None of these

4) Longitudinal researches investigate:
(a) Behavior through times as subject age (b) Behavior of different ages are compared (c) None of these

5) The cause of abnormal behavior is only physiological, it is explained by:
(a) Psycho model (b) Medical model (c) Psychosocial model (d) None of these

6) One abnormal behavior was associated with witch craft:
(a) True (b) False

7) A feeling of apprehension or tension is:
(a) Frustration (b) Panic (c) Anxiety

8) Which of the following treatments deal with phobias by gradual exposure?
(a) Super ego control (b) Systematic desensitization (c) Reinforcement (d) Dreams (e) None of these

9) The operation of the brain’s neurotransmitters is altered because:
(a) Use of LDS (b) Use of alcohol (c) None of these

10) Researches show that poor performance is the result of:
(a) Poor conditions (b) Job satisfaction (c) Both (a) and (b) (d) None of these

11) Low job satisfaction is likely to bring about high absenteeism:
(a) False (b) True

12) The term propinquity explains:
(a) Geographical proximity (b) Why people affiliate with one another (c) Both (a) and (b) (d) None of these

13) Group think refers to:
(a) Deterioration of mental efficiency (b) Deterioration of physical energy (c) Think tank (d) None of these

14) Main functions of stimulants are:
(a) To alleviate tension (b) To provide energy and alertness (c) Prescribed for insomnia (d) None of these

15) Chromosomal anomalies can be recognized by slanting eyes and flat nose:
(a) Down’s syndrome (b) PKU (c) Langdon Down’s syndrome

16) Characters disorders, such as obsessive-compulsive behavior are developed due to disturbed parent-child relation in the:
(a) Later Oedipal phase (b) Paranoid stage (c) Libido (d) None of these

17) According to the Piaget, from 2 to 7 years of age, language is developed slowly and gradually this stage is called:
(a) Preoperational stage (b) Egocentric stage (c) Sensorimator stage (d) None of these

18) Speech like but meaningless sound appear between 3 months to one year is termed as:
(a) Syntax (b) Babble (c) Conversation (d) None of these

19) The ability to deal with new problems and encounters is technically called as:
(a) Crystallized intelligence (b) G or g-factor of intelligence (c) Fluid intelligence (d) None of these

20) The triachric theory of intelligence suggests that there are:
(a) Four components (b) Six components (c) Three components (d) None of these

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