Prime Ministers of Canada

#Prime MinisterTermParty
1Sir John A. Macdonald1867–1873Conservative
2Alexander Mackenzie1873–1878Liberal
3Sir John A. Macdonald1878–1891Conservative
4Sir John J. C. Abbott1891–1892Conservative
5Sir John S. D. Thompson1892–1894Conservative
6Sir Mackenzie Bowell1894–1896Conservative
7Sir Charles Tupper1896Conservative
8Sir Wilfrid Laurier1896–1911Liberal
9Sir Robert L. Borden1911–1917Conservative
10Sir Robert L. Borden1917–1920Unionist
11Arthur Meighen1920–1921Unionist
12W. L. Mackenzie King1921–1926Liberal
13Arthur Meighen1926Conservative
14W. L. Mackenzie King1926–1930Liberal
15Richard B. Bennett1930–1935Conservative
16W. L. Mackenzie King1935–1948Liberal
17Louis S. St. Laurent1948–1957Liberal
18John G. Diefenbaker1957–1963Conservative
19Lester B. Pearson1963–1968Liberal
20Pierre Elliott Trudeau1968–1979Liberal
21Charles Joseph Clark1979–1980Conservative
22Pierre Elliott Trudeau1980–1984Liberal
23John Turner1984Liberal
24Brian Mulroney1984–1993Conservative
25Kim Campbell1993Conservative
26Jean Chrétien1993–2003Liberal
27Paul Martin2003–2006Liberal
28Stephen Harper2006–2015Conservative
29Justin Trudeau2015–Liberal

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