Political Science Punjab PMS Paper II Syllabus Recommended Books


Part: A Political Systems: Developed and Developing

  1. Almond and Powell, Comparative Politics

  2. Almond and Coleman, Politics of Developing Areas

  3. Roy C. Macridis, Comparative Politics

  4. Macridis and Wards, Modern Political Systems (Asia)

  5. J. M. Coleman, Political Institutions in Europe

  6. P. G. Cocker, Contemporary British Politics and Govt.

  7. Thomas Patterson, The American Democracy

Part: B Pakistan

  1. Keith Callard, Pakistan: A Political Study

  2. Khalid Bin Sayeed, Pakistan: The Formative Phase

  3. Khalid Bin Sayeed, Politics in Pakistan

  4. Lawrence Ziring, Pakistan in the Twentieth Century

  5. G. W. Chaudhry, Constitutional Development in Pakistan

  6. Pakistan Historical Society, History of Pakistan

  7. Jamil-ud-Din Ahmad, Speeches and Writings of M.A. Jinnah

  8. M. Saeed Sheikh, Allama Iqbal: The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam

  9. Mushtaq Ahmad, Government and Politics in Pakistan