Philosophy Punjab PMS Paper I Syllabus Recommended Books


  1. Brooke Noel Moore & Kenneth Bruder [2002] Philosophy: The Power of Ideas, 5th Edition, McGraw Hill, London.

  2. Bertrand Russell [2003] History of Western Philosophy, Routledge, London & New York.

  3. Roger Scruton [2002] A Short History of Modern Philosophy, Routledge.

  4. Frederick Copleston [1993] History of Philosophy, Reprint edition, Image.

  5. Frank Thilly [1993] A History of Philosophy, Sabharwal Book Whole.

  6. Jean-Paul Sartre [1977] Existentialism & Humanism, M.S.G. House

  7. A.J. Ayer [1978] Logical Positivism, Greenwood Press [Logical Positivism – Video ]