Pashto CSS Syllabus


Pashto (100 Marks)

I. Origin of Pashto language, its dialects and alphabets

II. Pashto Grammar

III. General question on history of Pashto literature and literary movements in Pashto

IV. Essay on prominent aspects of Pashto Culture, Historical and Literary personalities.

V. Translation of unseen passages from Pashto in to English or Urdu.

VI. Translation of unseen passages of English or Urdu into Pashto.

VII. General Questions on evolution and criticism of Pashto Prose and Poetry.

VIII. Pashto Classic Poetry
(i) Khushal Khan Khattak (ii) Rehman Baba (iii) Abdul Hamid Baba (iv) Ali Khan (v) Kazim Khan Shaida

IX. Pashto Modern Poetry – (i) Amir Hamza Khan Shinwari (ii) Ghani Khan (iii) Qalandar Momand (iv) Abdur Rahim Majzoob (v) Younas Khalil

X. Pashto Folk Literature – (i). Tappa’ (ii) Charbaita’ (iii) Neemakai’ (iv) Badala etc and Pashto proverbs

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