Missiles of Pakistan


Missiles of Pakistan

  • Pakistan’s missile program is rapidly evolving, achieving greater accuracy, payload capacity, and range.
  • The strategic competition with India has spurred Pakistani efforts to acquire ballistic missiles.
  • Pakistan remains a non-signatory to the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR).
  • Pakistan sees its ballistic and cruise missile programs as key to its strategy to deliver nuclear weapons.
  • It continues to balance against India’s conventional superiority and follows a high-frequency testing schedule.
  • Pakistan has a variety of deployed ballistic missiles ranging from tactical battlefield weapons to medium-range ballistic systems with the ability to hit any target in India.
  • Pakistan currently deploys three tiers of ballistic missiles: battlefield short range ballistic missiles (BSRBMs), short range ballistic missiles (SRBM), and medium range ballistic missiles (MRBMs).
  • A ballistic missle is a delivery vehicle powered by a liquid or solid fueled rocket that primarily travels in a ballistic (free-fall) trajectory).
  • A cruise missile is an unmanned self-propelled guided vehicle that sustains flight through aerodynamic lift for most of its flight path.
#NameTypeFirst LaunchRange KmPayload KgWarheadVariations
1Hatf-1SRBM (Short-Range Ballistic Missile)1989100500ConventionalHatf 1A and Hatf 1B
2Hatf-2 (Abdali)SRBM (Short-Range Ballistic Missile)1989200450Conventional
3Hatf-3 (Ghaznavi)SRBM (Short-Range Ballistic Missile)1999240700Conventional/ Nuclear
4Hatf- 4 (Shaheen 1)SRBM (Short-Range Ballistic Missile)750700Conventional/ NuclearShaheen 1A
5Hatf- 5 (Ghauri)MRBM (Medium-Range Ballistic Missile)19981500700Conventional/ Nuclear
6Hatf-6 (Shaheen 2)MRBM (Medium-Range Ballistic Missile)20142000700Conventional/ Nuclear
7Hatf-7 (Babur)Short-Range Cruise Missile2005700500Conventional/ Nuclear
8Hatf-8 (Ra’ad)Air-Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM)2007350Conventional/ NuclearRa’ad 2
9Hatf-9 (Nasr)SRBM (Short-range Ballistic Missile)2014120400Conventional/ Nuclear
10Shaheen- 3MRBM (Medium-Range Ballistic Missile)20152750Conventional/ Nuclear
11AbabeelMRBM (Medium-Range Ballistic Missile)20172200Conventional/ Nuclear

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