Journalism CSS Paper 2009



TIME ALLOWED Part-I 30 Minutes Maximum Marks 20
Part-II 2 hours & 30 Minutes Maximum marks 80


Q.1 Select the best option/answere and fill in the appropriate box on the answere sheet.

1) What is Scope?
(a) Common report (b) Beat news (c) Exclusive story (d) None of these

2) What is Superhead?
(a) Multi common story (b) Headline of the paper (c) Sub- heading (d) None of these

3) Stringer is called to,
(a) whole time employee (b) part-time correspondent paid a column rate (c) Sub-editor (d) None of these

4) Extra – personal communication is?
(a) With family (b) Self (c) With more than two persons (d) None of these

5) Newspaper’s master head is called: (a) Headline (b) flag (c) Sub-heading (d) embargo

6) FOLIO is the name of:
(a) Follow up (b) Page number (c) Date line (d) Cut

7) Who was the first editor of the daily Jhang?
(a) Mir Shakeel – ur-Rehman (b) Altaf Hussain (c) Mir Khalil-ur- rehman (d) Nasim Hijazi

8) Acknowledgement if the source of a picture or a story is called?
(a) Credit line (b) Byline (c) Courtesy d) Reference

9) Continuation of a story on another page is called?
(a) Reference (b) Follow-up (c) Jump (d) None of these

10) PEMRA Ordinance was implemented in:
(a) 1997 (b) 2002 (c) 1998 (d) 2004

11) The term “Global Village” was coined by:
(a) George Gerbener (b) Marshal Mcluhan (c) Wilber Schramm (d) Pamela Shoemaker

12) Press Note can issue?
(a) Editor (b) Government official (c) Reporter (d) Sub-editor

13) Registration of Press and Publication Ordinance was introduced in: (a) 1963 (b) 1971 (c) 1973 (d) 1988

14) The founder of daily ‘Pakistan Times’ Was:
(a) Mian Iftikhar-ud-din (b) Faiz Ahmed Faiz (c) Quaid-I-Azam (d) None of these

15) The term ‘Deck’ is used for:
(a) Headline (b) Part of a headline (c) Box (d) None of these

16) The term yellow journalism was started from
a) Pakistan b) India c) Germany d) USA

17) The inventor of the printing press was:
a) Marshal McLuhan b) Ts’ai Lun c) Johannes Gutenberg d) Non of these

18) Pakistan’s first official news agency was
a) UPI b) IPA c) APP d) NNI

19) Nasim hijazi was Editor of the daily
a) Shaheen b) Kohistan c) Imroze d) Mashriq

20) CNE stands for
a) Council of newspaper editor b) Chief News Editor c) Committee of Newspaper Employees d) Non of these


Attempt ONLY FOUR questions from the Part II Selecting at least Two Questions from Each Section. All Question Carry Equal marks

Section I

Q2) Discuss the concept and barriers if communications. Are these barriers also existing in this modern information age?

Q3) News have in-depth influence in any society. Discuss the effects of different news on Pakistan Society

Q4) Zimindar played a very effective role against British imperialism. Discuss in detail.

Q5) Evaluate critically the performance of private T.V channels in Pakistan


Q6) how ‘Print Media’ is so important in Pakistan society after the development of “electronic Media”? Argue in detail

Q7) “Advertising is the spinal cord of any media organization”. Discuss all aspects.

Q8) What is the difference between ‘Public Relation Officer’ and ‘Personal Assistant’? Mention the role and responsibilities of a good P.R.O.

Q9) Describe an ideal ‘Press Code of Ethics’ for Pakistan Journalists.

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