Islamiat CSS Paper 1977


Time Allowed: 3 Hours Maximum Marks: 100

Note: Answers may be given either in English or in Urdu.

Q1. Write short notes on any Five of the following: (a) Jerusalem (b) Hazrat Hasan(RA) (c) Treaty of UQBA (d) Conquest of Egypt by Hazrat Amar-bin-Aas (e) Bride (f) Fate of the Spanish Muslim (g) Dress for Pakistan (h) Islam in America

Q2. Describe any Three important events of the life of the Prophet (PBUH) after Hijra.
Comment “Man is meant to rule the force of nature and the whom, therefore, the power of vicegerency is delegated.”

Q3. Read the undernoted passage and answer the questions given below:
“This is the book (of God) where of there is no doubt-guidance unto those who fear Allah’s displeasure, who believe in the existence of what cannot be perceived and perform As Salat in an organised manner and spend on (good causes) out of that with which we have provided them.”
(a) Does the Quran provide guidance to all and sundry?
(b) What are the requirement for the understand of the Quran?
(c) What is meant by “What cannot be perceived”?
(d) Define As-Salat.
(e) Explain Spend (on good causes) out of that with which we have provided them.
Write down the life-sketch and achievements of anyone of the first two pious Caliphs.

Q4. Describe the causes, events and results of the downfall of the Ottoman Empire.
Answer briefly any Three of the following:
a) What is the difference between an ‘UMMAH and a ‘NATION”?
b) Describe the annexation of Deybal by Muhammad bin Qasim.
c) Who was Uqba bin Nafi? What is his importance in our early history?
(d) What noble qualities should be developed by administrators?
(e) What are the Islamic injunctions regarding the acquisitions of knowledge?

Q5. Compare the important features of communism with Islamic economic system.
What were the main causes which gave rise to Pakistan Movement?

Q6. Reply any Five from each set. Each answer not exceed 10 words:
Set NO 1 What is the significance of: (a) Mount Arafa (b) Masjid e Kiblatain (c) The year of Elephant (d) Tooba (e) Friday (f) Shab-e Qadr (g) Mansoora (h) Dar e Arqam
Set No 2: What are they known for: (a) Hazrat Halima Sadiad (b) Hazrat Bilal (c ) Korah (d) Abu Ali Sina
e) lbne Batuta (f) Shah Abdul Qadir Dehlvi (g) Faridudin Ganj e Shakar (h) Jafer of Bengal
Set No 3:Explain: (а) Gazava (b) Sabi (c) Murtad (d) Dar ul Harb (e) Ummul Momineen (f) Fath e Mobin (g) Sahabi (h) Ummul Katab
Set No 4: Name of author (a) Hero As Prophet (English) (b) Al Farooq (Urdu) (c) Spirit of Islam (English) (d) Rahmat ul lilalamin (Urdu) (e) Tafheem-ul-Quran (Urdu) (f) Khutbat e Madaras (Urdu) (g) Preaching of Islam (English) (h) Rasool-e-Akram ki Seyasi Zindagi (Urdu)

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