International Relations Sindh PCS Syllabus

International Relations

Total Marks 150

(1) European and U.S.A Affairs since 1919, with special reference to the following topics:-

(a) The Versailles Settlement.

(b) The League of Nation and U.N.O.

(c) Soviet Foreign Policy.

(d) The Second World War.

(e) Foreign Policy of U.S.A..

(f) Fascism and National Socialism.

(g) The current International Situation.

(2) Eastern Affairs since1919, with Special reference to the following topics:-

(a) The Expansion of Japan.

(b) The Chinese Civil War.

(c) The Freedom Movements in South East Asia.

(d) The Palestine problem and the Arab States.

(e) The Egyptian Nationalism.

(f) Turkey and Her Foreign Policy.

(g) International Rivalries in Iran and Afghanistan.

(3) Geographical Aspeets of International Relations.