Geology CSS Syllabus Suggested Readings



1.Physical GeologyCharles Plummer, David McGeary, Diane Carlson,
2.Physical GeologyCharles (Carlos) Plummer, Diane Carlson
3.Principles of Physical GeologyHolmes, A
4.Principles of PaleontologyRaup, D.M. & Stanley, S.M
5.Vertebrate PaleontologyRomer, A.S
6.Invertebrate Paleontology and evolutionClarkson, E.N.K
7.Stratigraphy of PakistanShah,  S.M.I.
8.Principles of Sedimentology and StratigraphyBoggs, S
9.Stratigraphy and historical geology of PakistanKazmi, A.H and Abbasi, I.A
10.Igneous and Metamorphic PetrologyBest, M.G.,
11.Introduction to Optical MineralogyNesse, W.D
12.An Atlas of Minerals in Thin SectionSchulze, D.J.,
13.Minerals and RocksKlein, C.,
14.Mineral Characterisation and ProcessingMohapatra, B.K., Misra, V
15.Principles of MineralogyWilliam. H.B.,
16.MineralogyPerkins, D
17.Plate Tectonics – GeodynamicsMoores, E.M. & Twiss, R.J
18.Structural Geology of Rocks and RegionsGeorge H. Davis, Stephen J. Reynolds, Charles F. Kluth
19.Structural GeologyTwiss, R.J. & Moores, E.M.,
20.Carbonate SedimentologyTucker, M.E. & Wright, V.P
21.Applied SedimentologySelly, R.C.,
22.Petrology of Sedimentary RocksBoggs Jr. S
23.Sedimentary RocksPettijohn, F.J
24.Introduction to Applied GeophysicsBurger  R.H., Sheehan, A. & Jones, C
25.Geophysical Methods in GeologySharma, P.V
26.The Solid Earth: An Introduction to Global GeophysicsFowler, CMR
27.Igneous and Metamorphic PetrologyBest, M.G
28.Petrology: Igneous, Sedimentary, & MetamorphicBlatt, H., Tracy, R.& Owens,


29.Igneous and Metamorphic PetrologyBest, M.G.,
30.Petrology: Igneous, Sedimentary, & MetamorphicBlatt, H., Tracy, R. & Owens,


31.Metamorphic PetrologyTurner, F.J.,
32.Sequence StratigraphyEmery, D. & Myers, K.J.,
33.Elements of Petroleum GeologyRichard C. Selley,
34.Petroleum GeologyNorth, F.K.,
35.Geology of PakistanBender, F.K.  & Raza, H.A.,
36.Engineering Geology: Principles and PracticeDavid George Price, Michael de Freitas
37.Engineering GeologyF G Bell
38.Fundamentals of Engineering GeologyBell,  F.A.G.,
39.Environmental GeologyMontgomery, C.W.,
40.Geology of Himalaya, Karakuram, Hindukush in PakistanTahirkheli, R.A.K.,
41.Geology of PakistanBender, F.K. & Raza,
42.Stratigraphy and Historical Geology of PakistanKazmi, A.H and Abbasi, I.A
43.Economic Geology: Principles and PracticeWalter L. Pohl
44.Directory of Mineral Deposits of PakistanZaki, A.,
45.An Introduction to Ore GeologyEvans, A.M.,
46.Metallogeny and Mineral Deposits of PakistanKazmi, A.H. & Abbas, S.G.,
47.Introduction to Mineral ExplorationMoon, C.J., Whateley, M.K.G.

and Evans, A.M.

48.Energy ResourcesBrown and Skipsy
49.Pakistan Energy Yearbook 2012Ministry of Petroleum and

Natural Resources

Hydrocarbon Development

Institute of Pakistan.


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