Geography Punjab PMS Paper II Syllabus Recommended Books


PAPER-II Total Marks: 100



  1. Rowntree, L. et. Al(2004) “Globalization and Diversity: Geography of a Changing World” New York; Prentice Hall.

  2. Neuwirth, R. (2004) “Shadow Cities: A Billion Squatters, A New Urban World”, London Routledge.

  3. Harper, H.L. (2003) “Environment and Society: Human Perspectives on Environmental Issues” (3rd Edition) New York; Prentice Hall.

  4. Knox, P.L. & S.A. Marston (2003) “Places and Regions in Global Context: Human Geography” (3rd Edition) New York; Prentice Hall.

  5. Becker, A.& Secker (2002) “ Human Geography: Culture, Society and Space” (7th Edition) New York; John Wiley and Sons.

  6. De Blij, H.J. (2002) “ Human Geography: Culture, Society, and Space” (7th Edition) New York; John Wiley and Sons.

  7. Lewis, C.P. Mitchell-Fox & C. Dyer (2001) “ Village, Hamlet and Field: Changing Medieval Settlements in Central England” London; Windgather Press.

  8. Haggett, P. (1997) “Geography: A Modern Synthesis” London. Harper International.



  1. Alexander, J.W., (1963) “Economic Geography” Prentice Hall New Jersey.

  2. Alexanderson, G. (1947) “Geography of Manufacturing” Englewood Cliffs.

  3. Alnwick, H. (1981) “Geography of Commodities” Haarp London.

  4. Boesch, H. (1964) “A Geography of World Economy” Princeton: D. Van Nostrand.

  5. Carlson A. S, (1956) “Economic Geography of Industrial Materials” Reinhold publishing Corporation New York.

  6. Fryer, D.W. (1965) “World Economic Development” McGraw Hill New York.

  7. Harthorn, T.A. and Alexander, J.W.(1988) “Economic Geography” Today. New Delhi. TTDD.

  8. Hartshorne T.A. & Alexander J.W. (1988) “Economic Geography” Prentice Hall, Inc. Englewood Cliffs, New York.

  9. Highsmith R.M. (1963) “Geography of Commodity Production” Philadelphia, Lippincott.

10.Hodder, B.W. & Dogar Lee (1974) “Economic Geography” Methuen London.

11.Jones. C.F. & Darken, (1965) “Economic Geography” Macmillan New York.

12.Khan F.K. (1997) “An introduction to Economic Geography” Sir, Syed Academy, Karachi.

13.London, C.E. (1939) “ Industrial Geography” John Murray (publishers) Ltd.

14.Norman P. (1981) “Success in Economic Geography” John Murray (publishers) Ltd.

15.Thoman, Conklin & Yeats (1988) “The Geography of Economic Activity” McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, Inc.

16.Miller E.W. (1962) “A Geography of Manufacturing” Prentice Hall International Inc. London. 28.

17.U.N.O. Statistical Year Books. Latest Editions.29.

18.Luckas. M.R. (1991) “Economic Activity’ Longman group UK Limited. Williams. T.R. (1991)

19.Economic Geography: Longman group, New York stamp, L.D. & S Carter 31.

20.Gilmour (1960) “A Handbook of Commercial Geography” Longman London.32.

21.Howard G. Roepke (1967) “Readings in Economic Geography” John Wiley and Sons, New York. 33.

22.Rogen W.E. & N.A. Bengtson (1964) “Fundamentals of Economic Geography” Prentice Hall. 34.

23.Tomes, R.S. & R.J. Haggett (1980) “Models in Geography” Harper and Row Publishers London.



  1. De Blij, H.J.D. & Muller, Peter O-2003 “ Geography: Realms, Regions and Concepts” John Wiley and Sons.

  2. Knox, P.I. & SA, Marston-2003 “Places and Regional in Global Context: Human Geography” Prentice and Hall.

  3. Debliji, H.J.D2005 “Concepts and Regions in Geography” John Wiley.

  4. James, Preston, E, 1974 “One World Divided” John Wiley and Sons.

  5. James and Jones, 1965 “American Geography” Inventory and Prospects Association of American Geographers USA.

  6. Davidson, A.P. Munir Ahmad (2003) “Privatization and Crisis of Agricultural Extension: The Case of Pakistan (King’s Soas Studies in Development Geography)”. Ashgate Publishing.

  7. Abdul Hameed (1972) “Historical and Descriptive geography of Water development in West Pakistan: A case study of the Middle Indus Basin” San Francisco State College.

  8. Jonson B.L.C. (1969) “South Asia: Selective Studies of the essential geography of India” Pakistan and Ceylon. Heinemann Educational.

  9. Ahmad, K.S. (1964) “Geography of Pakistan” Oxford University Press.

  10. Tayyeb, A. (1996) “A Political Geography of Pakistan” Oxford University Press.

  11. Spate, O.H.K., (1984) “India and Pakistan” Munshiram Manoharlal Publications Pvt. Ltd.

  12. Khan F.K. (1991) “Geography of Pakistan” Oxford University Press, Karachi.

  13. Burkey, J.S.(1991) “Pakistan the continuing search for nationhood” Western Press, Oxford, UK.

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