English Idioms CSS Past Papers Questions Organized

English Idioms in CSS Past Papers since 1971.

1To cast pearls before swine2019
2To step into one's shoes2019
3Stuff and nonsense2019
4A wild goose chase2019
5To be ill at ease2019
6Sit on the fence2019
7In a jiffy2019
8To preen oneself2019
9Show and tell2018
11To the death2018
12Tilt at windmills2018
13Het up2018
14The whole ball of was2018
15It's about time2018
16Punch up2018
17Spirit away2017
18Plough back2017
19Eager beaver2017
20Ring a bell2017
21Be left holding the baby2017
22Cap in hand2017
23Hold out a carrot2017
24Over the moon2017
25Smash hit2016
26Murphy’s law2016
27Place in the Sun2016
28Wooden spoon2016
29Go bananas2016
30Beard the Lion in his den2016
31Groan inwardly2016
32Chicken out2016
33Itching palm2015
34The primrose path2015
35Break one's fall2015
36Wash one's hands of2015
37To become reconciled to2015
38To militate against2015
39To be cognizant of2015
40Wages of sin2015
41To bring grist to the mill2014
42To keep one’s fingers crossed2014
43With one’s tongue in one’s cheek2014
44A storm in a teacup2014
45To talk through one’s hat2014
46Hum and Haw2014
47To let the grass grow under one’s feet2014
48Penny wise and pound foolish2014
49The milk of human kindness2013
50A rule of thumb2013
51Out and out2013
52To wash one's dirty linen in public2013
53To pay through the nose2013
54To lose face2013
55Wool gathering2012
56Under the harrow2012
57Cold comfort2012
58A gold digger2012
59Walk with God2012
60On the thin ice2012
61A queer fish2012
62Unearthly hour2012
63To eat one's words2011
64Dog in the manger2011
65A close shave2011
66A Freudian slip2011
67A Gordian knot2011
68A cog in the machine2011
69A sugar daddy2011
70A wet blanket2011
71Make for2010
72Yeoman’s service2010
73Discretion is the better part of valour2010
74A casting vote2010
75Look down upon2010
77Out of the wood2010
78A swan song2010
79Leave in the lurch2009
80Hard and fast2009
81Weather the storm2009
82Bear the brunt2009
83Meet halfway2009
85Where the shoe pinches2009
86Blow one’s top2008
87A cock and bull story2008
88Find one’s feet2008
89Call it a night2008
90The tip of the iceberg2008
91Below par2008
92From pillar to post2008
93Hang up2008
94Turn someone in2008
95By and by2008
96Twiddle with2006
97Vamp up2006
98Whittle away2006
99Winkle out2006
100Give someone the bum’s rush2006
101Loom large2006
102Besetting sin2006
103To hang fire2006
104Keep one’s nose to the grindstone2005
105Throw someone for a loop2005
106Letter perfect2005
107Off the wall2005
108Out to lunch2005
109Salt something away2005
110Take someone to the cleaners2005
111Wear the pants in the family2005
112To bring grist to the mill2004
113Set one’s cap at2004
114To draw the long bow2004
115To send a person to Coventry2004
116Beer and skittles2004
117The acid test2004
118A skeleton in the cupboard2004
119To discover a mare’s nest2004
120Kick the bucket2003
121Bolt from the blue2003
122Put your foot down2003
123Worth your salt2003
124Down the drain2003
125All cars2003
126Swan song2003
127Cheek by Jowl2003
128In a nutshell2003
129Give me five2003
130Take aback2002
131Take after2002
132Take for2002
133Take ill2002
134Take off2002
135Take over2002
136Take to2002
137Take to task2002
138Take to One's heels2002
139Take with a grain or pinch of salt2002
140The teaming meanings2001
141To kick the bucket2001
142To push to the walls2001
143To read between the lines2001
144To be at daggers drawn2001
145To throw down the gauntlet2001
146To be a Greek2001
147To stand on ceremony2001
148From the horse’s mouth2001
149To carry the cross2001
150Blow one’s top2000
151A cock-and-bull story2000
152Find one’s feet2000
153Call it a night2000
154The tip of the iceberg2000
155Below par2000
156From pillar to post2000
157Hang up2000
158Turn someone in2000
159By and by2000
160Keep regular hours2000
161An unearthly hour2000
162The small hours2000
163A night owl2000
164Have a night out2000
165At any moment2000
166Have one’s moments2000
167Have a minute to all one’s own2000
168A night on the town2000
169On the spur of the moment2000
170A jaundiced eye1999
171A left handed compliment1999
172The ruling passion1999
173Tower of strength1999
174Steal a march on someone1999
175In one's bones1999
176Hang in the balance1999
177Fly in the ointment1999
179The tricks of the trade1998
180The blessing in disguise1998
181His own man1998
182The gift of the gab1998
183The pillar of society1998
184Another cup of tea1998
185A mug's game1998
186A piece of cake1998
187A feather in his cap1998
188The rank and file1998
189To beat the air1997
190To beggar description1997
191To bring to mind1997
192To call in question1997
193To cap it all1997
194To clip one's wings1997
195To cross the Rubicon1997
196To feel the pulse1997
197To fly in the face of1997
198To rise like a phoenix from its ashes1997
199Bear out1996
200Back out1996
201Carry over1996
202Come off1996
203Fall back1996
204Figure out1996
205Live with1996
206Set in1996
207Cover up1996
208Iron out1996
209Between Scylla and Charybidis1994
210Hobson’s choice1994
211Sting in the tail1994
212With open arms1994
213Wash one’s hand of (To)1994
214Count one’s chickens (To)1994
215Burn midnight oil (To)1994
216Play truant1993
217Play down1993
218Turn turtle1993
219Turn the corner1993
220A fair weather friend1993
221Under a cloud1993
222Burn one’s boats1993
224Between the devil and the deep sea1992
225A wild goose chase1992
226Over head and ears1992
227Time and tide1992
228To live from hand to mouth1992
229To beat about the bush1992
230To fish in troubled waters1992
231A bird’s eye-view1992
232Damocles’ sword1991
233Every inch1991
234Spade a spade1991
235On the sky1991
236Palm off1991
237Lip service1991
238A turncoat1991
239A wild goose chase1991
240White elephant1990
241Blue Blood1990
242Cleanse the Augean stable1990
243Apple of discord1990
244In good books1990
245Between the devil and the deep sea1990
246Stare in the face1990
247Make off with1990
248Account for1989
249Carry weight1989
250To fall back upon1989
251To be taken aback1989
252A wild goose chase1989
253By leaps and bounds1989
254As cool as a cucumber1989
255To burn the midnight oil1989
256As cool as a cucumber1988
257Have your cake and eat too1988
258In a Pickle1988
259Take a cake1988
260Sell like hot cakes1988
261As flat as a Pancake1988
262Take something with a grain of salt1988
263Like two peas in a pod1988
264To back out1987
265To keep out of1987
266Bang into1987
267To smell a rat1987
268To burn one's fingers1987
269Null and void1987
270To catch up with1987
271To stand up for1987
272To skim through1987
273To narrow down1987
274By and by1985
275The lion's share1985
276In black and white1985
277To bring to book1985
278To read between the lines1985
279To stick to one's guns1985
280To be under a cloud1985
281By fits and starts1985
282To look a gift horse in the mouth1984
283To have an axe to grind1984
284To wash one's dirty linen in public1984
285To pocket an insult1984
286To take to one's heels1984
287To win laurels1984
288A gentleman at large1984
289(i) Much __________ about nothing1983
290(ii) __________ is the last refuge of the Scoundrel.1983
291(iii) To put the __________ before the __________.1983
292(iv) __________ of the same __________ flock together.1983
293(v) A __________ in time saves __________.1983
294(vi) __________ dogs seldom __________.1983
295(vii) Sweets are the uses of __________.1983
296(viii) Eternal __________ is the price of __________.1983
297(ix) A __________ child __________ the fire.1983
298(x) One man's __________ is another man's __________.1983
299To come to a dead end1982
300To turn a deaf ear1982
301Every dark cloud has a silver lining1982
302Blowing hot and cold together1982
303To let the cat out of the bag1982
304To put the cart before the horse1982
305To sail in the same boat1982
306A Swan Song1982
307To have your cake and eat it too1981
308Between the devil and the deep blue sea1981
309To be in hot water1981
310To be on the carpet1981
311It never rains but it pours1981
312A miss is as good as a mile1981
313To give oneself airs1981
314To have the courage of one's convictions1981
315The onlooker sees most of the game1981
316Out of sight out of mind1981
317Pocket the affront1980
318Thin end of the wedge1980
319Flash in the pan1980
320To keep at a respectful distance1980
321At one's beck and call1980
322Go against the grain1980
323Bring grist to the mill1980
324Upset the apple cart1980
325Hoist on one's own petard1980
326Live on the fat of the land1980
327Take down a peg1979
328To monkey with1979
329In hot water1979
330Petticoat Government1979
331To pull oneself together1979
332To rise from the ranks1979
333To rub shoulders1979
334The acid test1978
335A bad hat1978
336In a blue funk1978
337Set one's cap1978
338Down at heel1978
339To die in harness1978
340Dead as a doornail1978
341To raise coin1978
342To strike one's colours1978
343To carry the day1978
344To bear the brunt of1977
345To call a spade a spade1977
346To fight shy of1977
347To cry over spilt milk1977
348To burn the candle at both ends1977
349To rob peter to pay Paul1977
350To take the bull by the horns1977
351Playing to the gallery1977
352Holding out the olive branch1977
353To make out1977
354Trudge along1976
356In the doldrums1976
357Dole out1976
358At cross purposes1976
359Cheek by jowl1976
362Detract from1976
364To sow one's wild oats1975
365Storm in a teacup1975
366To keep late hours1975
367To throw cold water on1975
368A cock-and-bull story1975
369To bear the brunt of1975
370Tied to apron-strings of1975
371To move heaven and earth1975
372To blow one's own trumpet1975
373To rest on one's laurels1975
374When all is said and done1974
375An axe to grind1974
376Turn over a new leaf1974
377Burn the candle at both ends1974
378Leave in the lurch1974
379Goes with saying1974
380Like a red rag to a bull1974
381Not a leg to stand on1974
382Under the thumb of1974
383The writing on the wall1974
384Turn to account1973
385To beat the air1973
386To break a lance with1973
387To foul of1973
388To keep an open door1973
389To put out of countenance1973
390Got up to kill1973
391To have a finger in the pie1973
392To fall back on something1972
393To fall through1972
394On right earnest1972
395Vested interests1972
396Meaningful Dialogue1972
397Carry out1971
398Taken over1971
399Bring about1971
400Beat out1971
401Bear with1971