English General and English Essay Balochistan PSC Paper 2010


Balochistan Public Service Commission

Samungli Road, Quetta Cantt.



July 08, 2010

Time Allowed: 03 Hours Total Marks: 100

Table of Contents


Write an Essay (450 Words) on any One of the following topics: (30)

i. The power of public opinion ii. Scientific research – its importance and utility iii. Need for disarmament iv. Education – its meaning and purpose


Write a letter to your Local (or College) Library complaining of the lack of books and references on the subject that you need to study for the examination and asking whether the situation can be remedied in the near future. (15)


Use the following idioms in sentences to bring out their meaning: (10)

i. to chew the cud ii. to kick against the pricks iii. to be off one’s head iv. a feather in one’s cap v. to pull a long face



Correct the following sentences: (10)

i. My parents made me to promise to write them once a week. ii. I don’t mind to have a roommate. iii. I heard a car door to open and closing. iv. The weather was such cold that I don’t like to leave my apartment. v. If Ahmad worked hard, he could have passed.


Insert appropriate preposition in the following blanks: (10)

i. He is notorious …… thieving. ii. She is not match …… him iii. A cruel king ruled …… the island. iv. Children take …… their parents. v. Strictly adhere …… the rules and regulations.


Make a précis of the following passage and assign a suitable title: (25)

The psychology of emotion and instincts in as yet in its infancy, a beginning has been made by psycho-analysis but only a beginning. What we may accept psycho-analysis is the fact that people will, in action pursue various ends which they do not consciously desire, and will have an attendant set of quite irrational beliefs which enable them to pursue these ends without knowing that they are doing so. But orthodox psycho-analysis has unduly simplified our unconscious purposes which are numerous and different from one person to another. It is to be hoped that social and political phenomenon will soon come to be understood from this point of view, and will thus throw light on average human nature.

Moral self control and external prohibition of harmful acts are not adequate methods of dealing with our anarchic instincts. The reason they are inadequate is that these instincts are capable to as many disguises as the Devil in medieval legend, and some of these disguises deceive even the elect. The only adequate method is to discover what are the needs of our instinctive nature, and then to search for that least harmful way of satisfying them. Since spontaneity is what is most thwarted by machines. The only thing that can be provided is opportunity. The use made of opportunity must be left to the initiative of the individual. No doubt understanding of human nature must be basis of any real improvement in human life.


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