Chemistry Punjab PMS Paper I Syllabus


PAPER-I Total Marks: 100

(A). Physical Chemistry.

1. Quantum Theory & Atomic Structure

Quantum theory. The Schrodinger Wave Equation, particle in one dimensional box and its application for Hydrogen atom. Quantum Numbers. Chemical Bonding. Elgen Values and Elgen functions.
Degeneracy. Tunnel Effect.

2. Chemical Thermodynamics

First Law of Thermodynamic and Enthalpy changes. Entropy and second Law of Thermodynamics. Standard Free Energy and Chemical equilibrium. Concept of Residual Entropy.

3. Electrochemistry

Conductance and its measurement. Activity and Activity coefficients. Measurement of Activity coefficient of strong electrolytes. Deby-Huckel Theory and its applications for strong electrolytes. Electrodes, Electrode Potential and its measurement. Corrosion and its prevention.

4. Nuclear Chemistry

Radioactivity, detection and its measurement, Kinetics of Radioactive decay, Nuclear Fission, Nuclear Fusion, Artificial Radioactivity, uses of Radioactive isotopes and Nuclear Reactors.

(B). Inorganic Chemistry

1. Modern Theory of Chemical Bonding

Modern Theories of Chemical bonding. Valance Bond theory, hybridization of orbital, molecular Orbital theory, comparison of valence Bond and Molecular orbital theories, shapes of inorganic molecules, application of VSEPR concept.

2. Chemistry d-Block Elements

General Characteristics of d-Block elements, Chemistry of First Transition Series, Transition metal complexes, structure of coordinate complex compounds, Postulates and applications of Werner‟s Chelates, Nomenclature and Isomerism in coordinate compounds.

3. Inorganic Chemical Industries

Sulphuric acid, Chemical Fertilizers, cements, Ceramics, Soda Ash and Caustic Soda.

4. Environmental Chemistry

Concept of Environmental chemistry, Environmental Pollution, green House Effect, Air Pollution, Water Pollution and Chemical Toxicology.

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