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Geology Balochistan PCS Syllabus

149 ViewsTotal Marks 150 GEOLOGY Standard same as for degree examination

Geology Sindh PCS Syllabus

144 ViewsGeology Total Marks 150 Standard same as for Degree Examination

Geology KP PMS Paper II Syllabus

139 ViewsGeology Total Marks – 200 Paper II Marks – 100 1. Economic Geology: Processes of formation of mineral deposits. Detailed study of metallic and non-metallic mineral deposits of Pakistan. Mineral based industries. Metallogeny in Pakistan. 2. Energy resources: Constitution and kinds of coal. Geology of Pakistan coal fields. Origin, migration and accumulation of natural […]

Geology KP PMS Paper I Syllabus

121 ViewsGeology Total Marks – 200 Paper I Marks – 100 1. General Geology: Earth as a planet, its origin and age, internal structure of the earth and lithospheric plates, internal and external geological processes such as earthquakes, volcanism, weathering, erosion and deposition, geomorphic cycles 2. Structural geology: Primary sedimentary structures, mechanical properties of rocks, […]

Geology Punjab PMS Paper II Syllabus

138 ViewsPaper II Total Marks: 100 Earth Resources: Fossil fuels, Nuclear mineral resources, Renewable energy resources, hydropower and geothermal energy, Water cycle, Surface water, Ground water, construction materials including those for concrete and aggregate, sand gravels, cement making and building stones; Fundamentals of Matellogeny and plate tectonics with reference to Pakistan. Uranium and strategic metals. […]

Geology Punjab PMS Paper I Syllabus

150 ViewsPAPER – I Total Marks: 100 Physical Geology: Earth as a member of the solar system; its origin, age, composition and internal structure. Geomorphic processes Structural Geology: Physical properties of rocks and rock behavior in different tectonic environments; deformation by fracturing and folding; interpretation of linear and planar elements. Paleontology: Paleontological principles and techniques […]

Geology CSS Syllabus Suggested Readings

139 Views  S.No. Title Author 1. Physical Geology Charles Plummer, David McGeary, Diane Carlson, 2. Physical Geology Charles (Carlos) Plummer, Diane Carlson 3. Principles of Physical Geology Holmes, A 4. Principles of Paleontology Raup, D.M. & Stanley, S.M 5. Vertebrate Paleontology Romer, A.S 6. Invertebrate Paleontology and evolution Clarkson, E.N.K 7. Stratigraphy of Pakistan Shah,  […]

Geology CSS Syllabus

188 ViewsGeology (100 Marks) Part- I (50-marks) I. Introduction to Physical Geology Introduction and scope of geology, its importance and relationship with other sciences, Earth as a member of the solar system; its origin, age, composition and internal structure, Introduction to rocks and mineral, Weathering and erosion, Isostasy, Geological Time Scale. II. Stratigraphy and Paleontology […]