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Princely states of Pakistan

141 ViewsThe princely states of Pakistan were former princely states of the British Indian Empire. These states acceded to the new Dominion of Pakistan between 1947 and 1948, following the Partition of (British) India. The rulers were left to decide whether to accede to one of the newly independent states of India or Pakistan. Out […]

Mountain Ranges in Pakistan

Mountain Ranges in Pakistan

Dams in Pakistan

107 ViewsDams in Pakistan The Indus river basin stretches from the Himalayan mountains in the north to the dry alluvial plains of Sindh province in Pakistan in the south and finally flows out into the Arabian Sea. In Pakistan, the Indus river basin covers around 520 000 km², or 65 percent of the territory, comprising […]

National Highways in Pakistan

64 ViewsNational Highways in Pakistan National Highways of Pakistan are a network of toll highways in Pakistan. National Highways Authority owns, maintains and operates these highways. National Highways have prefix ‘N’ in their codes.. Strategic Highways (in Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir) have the prefix ‘S’ in their codes.

Motorways in Pakistan

80 ViewsMotorways in Pakistan Motorways of Pakistan are a network of multiple-lane, high-speed, controlled-access highways in Pakistan. Federal Pakistan’s National Highway Authority owns, maintains and operates Motorways. A total length of 1,860 km of motorways is currently operational. A total length of 2,406 km of motorways is currently under construction. Pakistan’s National Highways & Motorway […]