Anthropology CSS Syllabus Suggested Readings

1.AnthropologyWilliam A Haviland
2.Cultural AnthropologyConrad Philip Kottak
3.Diffusion of InnovationEvert M. Roger
4.Socio Cultural Dynamics and impact of Technological ChangeG. M. Foster
5.Pakistani SocietyAkbar S. Ahmed
6.Economic AnthropologySutti Ortiz
7.Political Anthropology: An introductionTed. C. Lewellen
8.Pukhtun economy and societyAkbar S. Ahmed
9.Principles of AnthropologyEliot Dismore Chapple and Carleton Stevens Coon
10.Anthropology and Modern lifeFranz Boas
11.Anthropology and Contemporary Human ProblemJohn H. Bodley
12.Sindh and the Races that inhabit the Valley of the IndusRichard Burton
13.The People of PakistanYu. V. Jankovsky
14.Anthropology and DevelopmentJean-Pierre Olivier de Sardan
15.An Introduction to Theory in AnthropologyRobert Layton
16.Anthropological TheoryJohn R. McGee and Richard L. Warms
17.Anthropology in PakistanStephen Pastner and Louis Flam
18.Anthropology (13th edition)Carol R. Ember, Melvin R Ember and Pet N Peregrine
19.Other CulturesJohn Beattie
20.A Hand Book of Social Science ResearchBeverly R. Dixon, Gary D Bouma and G.B.J. Atkinson
21.Frontier Perspectives: Essays in Comparative AnthropologyCharles Lindholm
22.Generosity and Jealousy: The Swat Pukhtun of Northern PakistanCharles Lindholm
23.Friend by Day and Enemy by Night: Organized Vengeance in a Kohistani CommunityLincoln Keiser
24.A Punjabi Village in PakistanZekiye Eglar
25.The social organization of the Marri BaluchRobert Niel Pehrson
26.Introducing AnthropologyPark, MA 2007
27.Peoples and Cultures of AsiaScupin, R 2005
28.Outlines and Highlights for AnthropologyScupin, R and Decorse, CR 2010
29.Economic AnthropologyStuart plattner
30.Economies and CultureRichard Wilk
31.Introduction to Anthropology of ReligionBrian Morris

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