Agriculture and Forestry


Agriculture and Forestry CSS Syllabus


Suggested Readings

1.Shaping the Future of Water for AgricultureWorld Bank, USA
2.Participatory Rural Development in PakistanKhan, M. H
3.Agriculture in PakistanKhan M. H.
4.Economic Survey of Latest Years
5.Agri / Livestock/Machinery / Rural Developments Censuses of Latest Years
6.Fundamentals of Soil ScienceHenry D. Foth
7.Manual of Plant ProductionAbdul Manan.
8.Principles of Field Crop ProductionMartin., J.H. & Leonard, W.H.
9.Diseases of Field CropsDickson, J.G
10.Irrigation Principles & PracticesIsrealson, O.W. Vaughn, E. Hansen.
11.A Text Book of Plant PathologyA.V.S.S. Sambamurti
12.Breeding Field CropsPoehlman
13.The Principles of Agronomy.Harris, Franklin Stewart
14.Forest Types of PakistanChampion, H.G., S.K.

Seth and, G.M.Khattak

15.Manual of Silviculture for PakistanChampion, H.G., S.K.

Seth and G.M.Khattak

16.Trees of PakistanM.I. Sheikh
17.Range Management in PakistanM.A.A. Qureshi
18.Comprehensive ForestryB.A. Raza
19.Farm Forestry in Pakistan,M.A.A. Qureshi
20.Forest ManagementG.M. Khattak,
21.Wildlife Ecology, Conservation and ManagementA. R. E. Sinclair, J. M. Fryxell, G.Caughley
22.Basics of Forestry & Allied SciencesDr. Masood A.A. Qureshi

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